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Fresh Grimsby Fish Wholesale Suppliers:

If you're looking for wholesale supplies of Fresh Grimsby Fish then the wetfish it's as good as it gets from Jody at The Grimsby Fish Company. His family has been involved with the fish industry for decades. I always buy the best available for my customers so if you want the best then look in on his website and give him a call:


For the best Smoked Fish in Grimsby I can recommend:



Established in 1932, Atkinson's is the oldest, traditional, family-run, smoked fish business in Grimsby and they have been suppling me for more years than I can remember. My customers tell me that my smoked haddock is the best they've ever tasted and it comes from Dave's smoke house.



If you have friends in London then there's a new FREE CONTACT SERVICE for Londoners looking for a Fishmonger. Please pass on the website address:


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